Saturday, January 3, 2009

Miscellaneous Christmas stuff and New Year's

My good friend Jenn was in town for Christmas, so we went to the Huisache for lunch the day after Christmas and did a little shopping. She is 17 weeks pregnant with TWINS, and is the cutest preggo! Can't wait to meet the "twinlees!"

This is an amaryllis that my Aunt Fern gave me at Thanksgiving. It was only about an inch tall then, and look at it now! It bloomed on Christmas Day.

I just thought this picture was funny. Kent caught the pups gnawing on a few puzzle pieces from the cat puzzle (coincidence?) that his mom gave us for Christmas. They still fit, they are just full of teeth marks now. They look so guilty!

We had a low-key New Year's this year for maybe the first time since we've been together (which was fine with us!). We went to our good friends Kevin and Shannon's house, ate yummy lasagna, played games and rang in the new year. Happy 2009!

Daisy giving Leyla a kiss at midnight. They have two dogs and a cat just like us, so we get along well!

Our friends, Kevin and Shannon.

A cozy fire at our house. I'm always so sad when I have to take the Christmas decorations down. :(

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas in Seguin with Mom's fam

On Christmas Eve we had a scrumptious Mexican food dinner, followed by Christmas Eve church service at Faith Lutheran then back to the house to open gifts. We can always count on my grandparents to provide the comedy relief. Between their hard hearing and their generally funny comments, there are always plenty of laughs to go around. Funniest part of the night? When my mom received a memory foam pillow, and my grandmother thought that she could use one, too, to prevent Alzheimer's. Second place? My grandfather watching BET.
The pups giving Papa some love.
The whole gang.

Kelsey enjoying one of her gifts!

This is my favorite pic. Kent is holding his flashlight like a lightsaber, and apparently, I'm very serious about making sure my invisible earmuff is still on. Nice shot Kelsey!

Cozy robes for Christmas!

Aaah, the madness! Where's the cleaning fairy when you need her?!

Christmas in Seguin with Dad's fam

The men's side of the room.

Abby (cousin), Michelle (Matt's g.f.), Matt (cousin), me, Jackson (cousin) and Kent ... in age order!

All the Christmas excitement was just too much for Daisy!

Leyla loves laps!

Molly: "No really, I can see just fine!"

Jackson, Abby, Mom, Aunt Fern and Uncle Johnny

Christmas in Tyler

The weekend before Christmas we spent in Tyler with Kent's family. It was really cold! We had fun playing games and torturing our nephews by making them wait as long as possible to open their gifts! They were good sports though. All the food was delicious as usual. Hope to see you guys again soon!

Kirk (Kent's older brother) and Kent with Eric (8), Grant (5) and Kyle (3).

Grandma with the boys.

The gang - Kirk, Tina, Kent and I and the boys.

Kyle diligently working on his Cars puzzle. He got a stuffed panda bear for Christmas and named it "Aunt Jenna." How cute is that? ;)

Eric and I built the coolest Lego house. It took forever, but look at it! Eric is really into houses and even built his own "house" in the backyard. We think he will be an architect. I think I had even more fun than him playing with the Legos. I was secretly hoping Santa would bring me a Lego house, too!