Monday, December 8, 2008


Well, it's almost Christmas, so I thought I should post Thanksgiving now! We had three, count them, THREE great Thanksgivings! The weekend before Thanksgiving we headed to Tyler to be with Kent's family. We had lots of fun playing with our three nephews ages 8, 5 & 3. It's always good to see everyone, and we wish we could get there more often! I could kick myself for not taking any pictures while we were there. The boys are growing so fast.

Then Thanksgiving Day was at my mom's parent's house in Seguin. My grammy had everybody bring their dogs (four pooches total). We stuffed ourselves with delicious food and played Yahtzee all afternoon. Here are some pics:
The fam playing Yahtzee.

Grammy and Leyla winning at Yahtzee.

She wanted Leyla to blow into the cup for good luck!

Daisy and I losing horribly at Yahtzee.
Kent and Ryan feeling the effects of the tryptophan. Aww, cute matching brown shirts!

Then the Saturday after Thanksgiving we went to Austin to have some turkey with my dad's family. My aunt and uncle have a gorgeous place in the hills, and we really enjoyed hanging out by the fire. Again everyone brought their dogs, but this time we had a pack! There was our Leyla and Daisy (chihuahuas), my mom's Molly (cockapoo), Fern & John's Lilly (sheltie) and Jessie (border collie?) and Matt & Michelle's Drake (great dane) and Bella (boxer). There was some tension at times, but for the most part, all the pups got along!
The Broussard gang minus Jackson and plus Michelle.

Mom and Kels

Leyla looking a bit nervous about being so close to Drake! He just wanted to snuggle her, but she wouldn't have it. He's only 37 times her size, I can't imagine why she was nervous!
Staying warm in dad's jacket. It was a chilly day!

The pups really liked my Nana.

We had some good laughs watching Drake, the 185 lb. great dane, chase shadows. It's an obsession of his! Here's a video of him in action.