Thursday, June 18, 2009

"There's no place like home, there's no place like home ..."

I'm packing up Leyla and Daisy and shipping them to Kansas to bring Kent home! They are going UPS ... United Puppy Shipping! Kent has been working on the new Schlitterbahn there for two weeks now, and isn't due back until Wednesday. And he's only coming home then because I'm going on a girls' family coast trip on Thursday, and someone has to be home to take care of things. He'll probably go straight back the day after I get home, so we'll just see each other in passing ... not fun! We (the pets and I) all miss him very much. It's lonely around here without him. Oh, and speaking of the Wizard of Oz reference, I saw Wicked at the Majestic on Sunday with my mom and her Betas group, and it was FABULOUS. See it if you can!

Daisy didn't know what to think of those weird styrofoam peanuts!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Weekend on the Lake

We had a fabulous weekend on Lake Placid with family! The weather was perfect, and the house that we bartered a limo ride for was a hit. It's a spacious 6 bed/4 bath house with a huge backyard and at least 80+ feet of waterfront. Eric and Grant really liked jumping off the sun deck over the boat dock, over and over and over again. Kyle is still too little to jump, but I bet he'll be ready next year. He enjoyed watching the many boats and jet skiers ride by. Here are some highlights of the weekend:
What a view!

Kyle playing catch with Uncle Kent.
Check out that form!

Eric and Uncle Kent enjoying some R&R.

We took the dogs (of course!), and since they had never been allowed to roam without a fence before, we were a little worried. But they did super, and the couple of times that they started to go into the neighbors' yards, we would just send a kid after them and they came running right back, because kids frighten them! We're not quite sure what their aversion is to short people. They never came close to growling or biting, just ran in the opposite direction or hid under Kent or I! Too funny.

It was hot, so Kent took the pups toobing.

Leyla was extra hot since she wears a black bikini, so she got in to cool off. Kent said her little legs were swimming frantically eventhough he never let go!

Tina and Kyle ridin' the gator.

Kyle knows how to relax!

Kent is extra relaxed!

Yea, bubbles!

Kirk caught a little perch, and Leyla wasn't so sure about it. She was much more interested in a frog that joined us at dinner later that night, and chased it all around.

Nice catfish, Kirk and Eric!

Seriously, how cute are my nephews?!?

The whole gang: me, Kent, Kent's mom Claudia, Kirk's wife Tina, Kent's brother Kirk, Eric, Kyle and Grant.

Hope to do it again next year!