Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hi, my name's Jenna, and I'm an addict ...

... a chihuahua-card-buying addict.

I have to buy every chihuahua greeting card that I see. It's impossible for me to read a cute chihuahua card and just put it back and walk away.

It must come home with me.

And I'm pretty sure that the greeting card companies are aware of my weakness and prey on me and other animal-lovers.

I've been known to buy the same card two and three times.

So don't be surprised when your birthday or anniversary rolls around, and you get a card from me that looks awfully similar to the ones below ...


Jessica said...

I love Chihuahua's. I used to have THREE!! I miss them, especially my little Spike almost every day! I love love LOVE my Bailey beast but I miss my small little puppies...when they were out of line, I could just pick them up!!


These are so cute!
I also Like the post regarding Kent and the elusive Chocolate!