Saturday, February 5, 2011


A few nights ago, hubby called me in a panic. I was at a meeting, and he was home.

Kent: "BABE."

Me: "Yeah?" (I was slightly worried, I sensed the urgency in his voice ...)

Kent: "Where are those chocolate truffles?"

Me: "You mean the ones from two Christmases ago? Those are long gone."

Kent: "Darn it."

Me: "Why?"

Kent: "I need some chocolate, and we don't have any."

Me: "Are you going to be OK?"

Kent: "I guess."

So the next day, I went to World Market and surprised him with this:

Wonder how long this will last until we have another "chocolate crisis?"

See the bars with the bacon on them? There are pieces of real Applewood bacon in the dark chocolate. It's actually pretty darn good!

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